Yeah, Yeah… I Broke the Site…

It came to my attention recently that it had been 5 years since I did anything with this site.

I checked: It’s true.

There’s a lot more going on in my head than normal these days, and it’s pulling me along horribly unproductive paths. I had to be sure this site has been updated so there’re fewer security holes – that way I don’t get my butt stomped for blowing up my friend’s server…

There’s been more going on artwise too. You’ll see, when I have something presentable.

Rather than yammer on about it, I’ll go about showing you! Another Starbow revision.

Derp.  :P

…and Another Thing…

I’m in school now (college, to be more precise) to get the second level of my apprenticeship training out of the way. That said, expect to see some doodles from class in the near future – a colossal screwup in my pharmaceutical coverage means I won’t have the necessary medication to control my ADD for at least a few weeks.

It’s not a total loss, uncontrolled ADD gives me the super ability called “Hyper Focus”, which means I’m pulling ridiculously far ahead of the class in reading and completing the modules, as I just refuse to stop until the end of the day arrives. It also means “No Homework For Binky”, which is a plus when figuring out how much more free time I have at the end of the day. What sucks, however, is that my lack of discipline means I can write off all that free time…  :P

But, I’m AWARE of it now, so I can fight the good fight.

No promises, but I’m hoping this year’ll be a good one for you lovely beasts that keep visiting .

-Binky out.

A New Year Already?!

I have an obsession with my mental health, or, more precisely, my mental unhealth. My struggle to gain a level of mental wellbeing has unfortunately robbed me of nearly half a year of my life most recently…

In my ongoing struggle – leading through depression and anxiety to the source of my problem (being a simple case of ADD), my focus has meandered completely away from my online presence.

It’s a bit like the Neverending Story – I’ve created a void that’s slowly eating up my world!

I’m hoping that my boundless energy will overcome my lack of discipline and organization (not entirely lacking in either, but enough to be a concern), especially since I’m aiming that energy at being more disciplined and organized.

… Now I just have to remember the princess’ name…


- Binky out